Customer Reviews

Take A quick listen to our unsolicited reviews our customers left for us on our voicemail:

Mr & Mrs. Frank Y.

The grill looks fantastic and the wall soot removal saved the expensive of  hiring a painting company to repaint the wall. Overall an excellent service you provide and do it well.

Thank you,

Frank Y. –  Lakewood Ranch Country Club Fl.


Mrs. Carole S.

Thank you both for doing such a great job on my grill and exhaust. They look beautiful! I am very excited to start BBQ’ing.

Again thank you so much,

Carole – Cherokee Park Sarasota Fl.


Mrs. Lilli P

We are really happy with the work your both did, our grill looks like brand new. If you ever need a referral let us know we would be more than happy to do so.

Thank you,

Lilli – University Park Fl.


Mr. Todd S.

Hello Kim,

Thanks for the great job on the grill . I have been traveling and saw everything for the first time this morning. Can’t wait to start cooking.Thanks again.

Regards Todd – Lakewood Ranch Fl.


Mrs. Terri P.

Our party was an enormous success and the grill looked absolutely beautiful! We are thrilled with the work that you did and will certainly not wait too long to have our grill cleaned again. Thank you again for an excellent job! – Lakewood Ranch Country Club Fl.


Mrs. Sheila G.
The grill looks great!! I’m sorry I’m getting back to you so late. It’s been a busy day. Thanks for the grill wipes. We will also get a different brush. I had no idea about the metal bristles.
Thanks Again! –  Lakewood Ranch Country Club Fl.

Mrs. Cynthia C.
Hi Kim!
The grill looks fabulous!!! You did a terrific job—better than anything I even hoped for!
Thank you-  Lakewood Ranch Country Club Fl.
Mrs. Jen F.
Thank you so very much for all of your thoroughness. The grill looks fantastic and we so appreciate all you do in following up.
You are now saved in my contacts.
Hi Kim,
Thanks a million for all of that really helpful information.
I am sure we will be contacting you in the not too distant future.
Have a Happy 4th!
Jen – Lakewood Ranch Country Club Fl.
Ms. Barbara B.
Thanks so much for the videos. I was feeling poorly when I first got this e-mail so did not grill. I am much better and I cooked a steak a couple of nights and they were perfect. Actually, I think I need a lot to learn, but they were tenderloins, so hard to mess up. When I put it on high to sear. I think the video wanted you to sear with the cover up, then you are suppose to lower the heat and use the cover, but when you sear the temp. goes way down so I really need to work on that. The grill is lighting for me so I am thrilled. Tomorrow I am going to attempt chicken
Thanks again for thinking of me. You are a nice lady.
Barb – – Lakewood Ranch Country Club Fl.
Mrs. Sharon V – Grill was beyond cleaning and part replacement value, we removed the grill for them.
Thank you Kim…I’ll pass this info on to Rocco and we appreciate you bringing these things to our attention..makes sense!
Mr. Steve R – Property Manager private residence Palmetto
The owners were extremely pleased with the grill … Thanks again for a great job…
Steve – Palmetto Fl.
Mrs. D.R.G – Selling the house and needed the grill cleaned for showings
Wow.. what a difference. Thanks so much!
D.R.G – University Park Fl.
Mr. Mike H.
Thanks for the good service!  – Lakewood Ranch Country Club Fl.
Mrs. Sylvia Z. Realtor LBK – LWR  for a client.
Thank you Kim…you did a great ( or is that grate, ha ha ) job! Seriously it looks so nice!!  – Lakewood Ranch Country Club Fl.
Thank you so much the grill looks awesome!  Again many thanks!
Mr. Jimmy S – Sarasota Fl.